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Welcome to the world of Astro! From talking sticks to walking bunnies, you'll never know what you'll find in this wacky 2D game!

Current Version - 0.1.3

0.1.3 already? What happened to 0.1.0, 0.1.1, and 0.1.2?

2 earlier versions of Astro were never released to the public, as they had absolutely nothing to do and only tested a few key gameplay elements.

(Note: Game is in such an early state, you might as well give this game a new development state known as "This isn't even a game yet." Everything is subject to change, and this game may or may not be worked on. It depends on how well it goes. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy it.)


Astro (0.1.3) 2 MB

Development log


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